• Our Services

    Cost Estimating


    In our estimates we address all costs relevant to a project. This includes

    • owner's costs
    • engineering & design
    • direct & indirect construction labor
    • materials
    • subcontracts
    • contingency & escalation

    Independent Review


    If you have an estimate for your project, we can provide an independent review to validate the scope basis, accuracy, and reasonableness of the costs. This service provides assurance to clients that the estimated project costs are what they should be.




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    Procedures and Training


    We can help you with establishing processes and procedures to use in your own organization to get where you want to be.


    We have expert experience using WinEst and can help your organization with setup, customization, and support.



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    Tool Development


    We're experts at developing tools in Microsoft Excel that make work more efficient and error-free. If you have an idea or a gap in your process where an advanced spreadsheet can be the solution, then let us help you bring it to reality.




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