• Professional Cost Estimating

    More than just numbers.

    Every estimate is carefully developed in a way to clearly identify the scope of the project.


    Quantity take-offs are performed to develop the basis for the labor and material pricing.


    Current market data and historical information combined with project-specific location factors are used in pricing each project .


    The estimate is summarized based on Client preference and can include alternate scopes, CSI standard cost codes and custom cost codes.

    Scope, Quantities, Pricing,

    WBS, Cashflow, and Risk

    We're happy to provide a

    sample of our work at your request.

  • Levels of

    Cost Estimate

    An estimate can be developed at any stage of a project and the class is based on the available design information.

    Class 5


    “Back of the Napkin” estimate based on concept narrative with little to no supporting design details.

    This type is based heavily on experience and case studies.

    Class 4


    Generally produce after Schematic design phase. May be primarily based on $/SF cost metrics

    Class 3


    Design details are known and estimate reflects project specific conditions and mostly itemized costs.

    Class 2


    Estimate based on Issued design documents and reflects all factors related to the design, project approach, and schedule.

    Class 1

    Bid/Change Order

    All design information is available and fixed. Contains firm quotations and serves as contractual figures.